Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a long way away

Last Sunday Niels, Warren and I drove to Big City International Airport and sent Niels on his way for a twenty week sabbatical in Taiwan. Twenty. Whole. Weeks. Despite preparing myself emotionally, my heart broke as I watched him pass through the security gate. Because I had Warren and I had to drive over one-hundred miles home, I held myself together and only let myself cry in the car before we returned home. Fortunately, I had my dear sister and mother with whom to speak during my drive and Warren traveled like a season pro.

Thanks to Skype and our iPhones, we have been in constant communication. Warren loved seeing his daddy clap and talk to on the computer. He laughed and smiled and chatted up a storm. I felt comforted to see Niels settled into his room and ready to begin his work. Even though I miss him like mad, I am so exciting that he, that all of us, can have this experience. In just fourteen short weeks, Warren, my parents, and I will fly to Taiwan where my parents will stay for two weeks and Warren and I will help Niels finish off his sabbatical. I can't wait!

I cannot say this week has been super easy but it is not as bad as I thought it would be. After some bumps and stumbles, I found a morning schedule which appears to work for us. I have to admit, a few days I have been pretty exhausted and my concentration level is not spectacular. I think it will get better. Fortunately, Warren's former nanny, Maggie, is coming to the house twice a week to help out. And of course, Warren is such a sweet little boy so he makes everything so much better.

Now the bad new, my weight. I gain about three pounds. I am not going to beat myself up because it has been not the best week ever. I am refocused and hope to see those pounds drop again. Drop pounds drop!

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  1. One week down already! You are doing great too! <3