Monday, March 22, 2010

Another New Beginning

So, I don't really know what's going on but I'm back up to 200 pounds. I guess I'd lost seven pounds but now I've gained five back. The only times in my life I've ever really lost weight were a) just before I was diagnosed with leukemia and was prescribed loads of "skinny" meds to fight whatever disease they thought I had; and b) when I did weight watchers and boot camp last winter. Obviously, I don't plan to repeat the first method, although at the time it was pretty nice. But last winter I really did lose 15 pounds without thinking about it much at all. It wasn't even work for me. I just had rules and formed good habits and it took all the thought out of losing weight.

My mom, who I think is 66, just got back from about 10 weeks on and off of travel and has lost 23 pounds during the time that I lost seven and gained five. That amazes me for so many reasons. First, my mom has had enough experiences and challenges with weight loss to know that fad diets do not work (for her) so I completely trust that she is simply eating in moderation and being healthy and getting daily activity. So there's no secret to it. The straight forwardness and simplicity of it all IS the secret! Second, she was travelling almost the entire time and still managed to continue to lose weight and keep it off. For me, any change in schedule is an automatic trigger for failure. At the beginning of this month I got sick (we won't mention here HOW I GOT SICK!!) and then went to Florida for three days for a conference and my whole food/gym routine was entirely thrown out of wack and it's taken me two full weeks to reclaim my control. I purposely planned not to go on vacation this winter because I've learned that about myself, but I'm starting to realize the loss of control is something I allow to happen when my routine changes. Whereas my mom must be so committed to her habits that a change in routine will not destroy her. I could be like that, no? And finally, I'm impressed because aren't older people supposed to have a slowed metabolism and a tougher time losing weight? I should be able to do this, and I should do it now because it's only going to get harder and I don't want to be a totally fat bride however vain that sounds!

Challenges: metabolism-slowing medication; full time job; partner with full time job; nobody to cook healthy meals for me; no money for boot camp/personal trainer; gym is a 12 minute drive away.

Opportunities: flexible work hours that aren't too long either; no children to take care of; partner who I get to see every day who is very supportive; gym membership; affinity for healthy food; days are getting longer; wedding in seven months; Veronica's support.

So, the way I see it, I have real challenges, but my opportunity for success outweighs those very real challenges, so...I should succeed. =)

Also, I may try to join weight watchers for six months again like I did last year because I think it did help. There's a meeting at 7:30am at the gym I just joined so that would be very convenient. Today I was done with my workout by 7am, but I could time it just right so I'd be done at 7:20 and could go right to the meeting. And I wouldn't care that much that I'd be all bloated and full of water (from drinking while working out) because it would be the same situation every week. OMG and you know what? The meetings are on my old weigh in day! Perfect. So I'll start meetings this Thursday and blog every Thursday. I will really try to do that.

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