Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh hello there

It has been a long time since we last spoke but oh my... Although I continue to support Niels' decision to take a sabbatical overseas, the last month has been tough. From Warren's illnesses to my illnesses (both physical and mental, to some extent) to ridiculous amounts of work to petty office bullshit, I have been hip checked, glass checked, and slammed to the ice. Thankfully, my support network has been more than great, they have been grand. Josephine came down when I need her most and took care of my sorry sick ass by watching Warren and making me delicious healing food. Numerous friends stepped in while Warren was ill and watched him as I trudged to the drudgery that is my job. My lovely and delightful parents came a week early just to cook and care for their pathetic youngest daughter who coughed and whined and just needed some extra TLC. And work. What can I say? Some people are douchebags and others are some of the most fabulous folks with whom you can work.

I think I have reached the crest and with my therapist's blessing, I have reached out to friends and enjoyed some adult time. Part of me felt guilty enjoying time away from my little love and boy did I watch the clock, think about when I would reunite with my best little guy, but at the same time, I think I bought back a little sanity.

Poor Warren has suffered the sniffles and aches of toddler viruses spread easily from tyke to tyke. For many moments, I contemplated pulling him from daycare because my heart could not bear to see my boy be the slightest bit uncomfortable. We made it. He felt better and happy and when he returned to his little class on Monday morning he smiled and laughed and had no problem seeing me go. My boy is growing up. He changes so much but he is still my little love. He adores the cats and any chance he can he gives them sloppy kisses and hugs. And he hugs his stuffed animals and me and his teachers. He is one sweet boy.

And what about the purpose of this blog? Something about a decrease on my numbers? My jawline has returned, my pants are looser, and I feel pretty decent. However, I have no clue how much I weight. I know that two weeks ago the total weight loss was sixteen pounds.

Apparently not eating fistfuls of cookies really is a legitimate diet plan.

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