Friday, March 26, 2010

Part I: Veronica's Life List

1. Do the biking portion of a triathlon with my friends as teammates.
2. Become a savvy estate sale shopper.
3. Teach my children the importance of respecting animals and protecting their welfare.
4. Take karate and get at least my purple belt.
5. Find a nail polish which will stay on my nails for more than a day.
6. Learn to play three songs on the guitar
7. Become well versed in fine tequilas.
8. Mentor a teen mother.
9. Remember how to use the words "lie" and "lay" correctly.
10. Do a National Lampoon style road trip with my husband and children but without most of the craziness.


  1. 5. Sally Hansen "Diamond" line... it's the only one that stands a chance on my hands.

    6. At least one of these must be "House of the Rising Sun." Another one must be "Ring of Fire" and the third should probably be "King of the Road" which leads me to...

    10. I'm in.

  2. 1. Eww. On purpose?! (My husband it a triathlete - looks awful to me! =)
    2. That sounds like FAR too much work!
    3. Kewl.
    4. Again, far too much work. =)
    5. OPI!!
    6. That's on my list, too. (Unlikely to happen for me, though.)
    7. Ooh - admirable.
    8. That. Is. Awesome.
    9. Again with the awesomness.
    10. That sounds like a BAD IDEA. =)