Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running with Hog Warts

I have been wanting to take Warren to the local zoo for ages now and finally the weather cooperated. At ten o'clock this morning, I packed up The Boo (Warren) and all of us accouterments and head to the zoo. Of course we did not have the low 60 degree weather which has been taunting me from my office window. Instead we bundled up for the high 40's. Can someone please explain why Mother Nature tortures me with beautiful temperatures during the work week only to say "HA! You think you want warm temperatures for your weekend excursions? BOOYA! You get cold!" Mother Nature totally talks that way and don't you disagree with me.

Warren appeared to enjoy the zoo and smiled at the polar bears, laughed at the ducks, and giggled with the otters. However, those experiences did not top the ultimate zoo experience: having Mommy running full speed down the ramps while Warren laughed with excitement from his stroller. I think I have a Bode Miller in the making. Nothing topped the excitement of running full speed down a handicap ramp and taking the corners at full throttle. I am sure I looked like a maniac.

Our friends and their son eventually met up with us and we did one more lap around the zoo. This time Warren insisted on pushing his stroller, backwards mind you, up the hill from the tiger exhibit past the wart hogs and on to the hyenas. His little chubby legs worked hard as he made his way up the hill, with the help of me, of course. The delight in his eyes showed as each person walking buy cheered him on and smiled.

Eventually, Warren's mood began to sour and we headed for home. I barely had the car started when I looked back and he was sound asleep. The fresh air did him well.

So although I have not been exercising with any regularly at all...okay, I haven't been exercising period, I can see laps at the zoo being a potential way of getting some fitness in without being whiny or bored about it. That's me, not Warren. And then maybe I will move on to walks by the lake and perhaps a slow jog or a bike. Or not.

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