Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boot Camp

Ok, first off, Veronica is an inspiration! She has a ton of excuses she could draw upon, yet she manages to succeed. This is so great. Congratulaions, congratulations on a solid start! I'm right behind you! I'm working hard, staying very committed (though I give myself only a 6 for last weekend --granted it would have been a measly 3.5 in the past!), but am not yet seeing results. Mayyyybe that's because I wasn't eating "fistfulls" of cookies before we started this new routine...or maybe it's simply because I haven't started exercising yet. Who's to say?

I talked to my gym buddy yesterday and called the trainer at the gym. We're going to start three months of boot camp, (or as many months as I have the disposable income and birthday money to afford). Our plan is to do 4 weeks with a trainer; 2 weeks on our own; 4 weeks with a trainer; etc. That should take us into the first week of May. That's how I lost 14lbs last year. So hopefully by then I will have lost another 15lbs, will be 185lbs, and clearly on my way to my October wedding goal of 175lbs. Also, my six month FREE Weight Watchers membership and magazine subscription begins at the end of January. I am armed with a plan and tools. The only thing we have yet to work out is whether we'll do one 1 hour boot camp session a week or two 1/2 hour sessions. We'd prefer the two 1/2 hour sessions because a) that would get us into the gym twice a week at a minumum; and b) we could focus on weights and toning with the trainer and meet up ahead of time on our own for cardio, which we don't need as much ass kicking for. Oh, and did I mention that boot camp is at 5:30AM?!

By the way, I've changed my weigh in day to Thursdays, so stay tuned for tomorrow's update. (Don't get too excited).

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