Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mouse Tales

I woke up at 5:10am this morning to "Holy fucking shit!" Jake hollaring to me up the stairs that our furry boys were after a mouse. I quickly ran down the back staircase in my t-shirt and undies, halting at the second to bottom step. Jake stood at the bottom peering into the kitchen narrating the chase for me. Then I bravely came down, bare toed, to his level and watched for myself. I was SO impressed! Even our little "pie maker" boy was in on the attack, delivering a clawless swat and punch here and there. Finally, they cornered the giante mouse and Jake grabbed a tupperware container and slapped it down on the floor, trapping the sucker. Woo-hoo!!! Then...somehow...I managed to go back to bed and woke up at 6:30 with the two boys curled up in my bed with me, so sweet an innocent looking. Such interesting animals. Anyhow, it was the first mouse sighting in our new house. A big fat one too!

Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat... I am so fat! I'm gaining weight. How can that be?!?! I've been doing so well all week and yet I've gained weight since we started the Life of Moderation. You know how sometimes when you pig out for a few days the weight doesn't show up until like two or three days later? Well I'm really hoping that's the case here. We majorly pigged out last weekend and I didn't gain any weight Monday, but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have a little bit. I'm not really going to worry about keeping track until next weigh-in day, Monday. I did really well at my board meeting last night. They always have so many goodies; last night were chips, chocolate mints, homemade cookie platter, fudge, nuts, trailmix and popcorn. I did soooo well. I had a cup of black tea with no milk or sugar; I thought having that hot mug to hold onto would keep my hands busy as well as my tongue semi occupied. Then I broke down but just a little bit. I took two handfuls of trailmix. I tried my best to avoid the chocolate and dried fruit (sugar city!) in it, and ended up w/ two dried cherries, one plump raisin, and two M&Ms. On a scale of 1-10, how did I do?

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