Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is the way to start my day!

The alarm went off at 4:57 this morning, and by 5:25 I was sitting in my toasty car with a cup of hot tea in hand outside the locked gym. Mo was there early too so she got in my car with her travel mug, exuding coffee aromas, and we chatted until the lights went on inside.

The girl at the front desk said that Debbie, our Boot Camp trainer, doesn't arrive until 6:00 today. Hmm. Either she hadn't gotten the message that we confirmed our 5:30 Thursdays training session or she thought we started at 6:00. I figured it was more likely the former since when I talked to her last week she made it very clear that her only available time slot would be 5:30-6:30am on Thursdays. Regardless, Mo and I headed over to the machines on our own. We sweat side-by-side for 35 minutes before going back to the front desk to investigate. Yep, Debbie didn't get the message, but it all worked out for the better because a) I got a light work out in (which is good for my first week back in 5 weeks); b) I still have 4 weeks of personal training ahead of me; and c) Debbie will now be available to meet at 6:00 which is sooooo much better as it will allow for propper PRIVATE poo time at home! This morning I had to do it at the gym...with Mo standing on the other side of the stall...talking to me. She's a yapper and highly entertaining. It's a fine trait in a gym buddy. Ok ok, I know I'm reminding Veronica uncomfortably of her husband right now, so I shall disist with the poop talk (for now!).

I got home with nearly TWO hours to spare before having to go into the office. And do you know what I did with that time? Did I wash the pile of dishes in the sink? Nope. Did I retrieve the blue box from the end of the driveway? Nope. I took a quick rinse, put on my pj's, climbed back into bed and read my Book Club book for an hour with a cup of steaming hot coffee and a black cat at my side. Then I got ready for work, played with both cats, made my lunch, ate breakfast, and read a couple of articles online. I'm enjoying my life of luxury before I bring home one of those Haitian orphans. Oh yes! I am so ready to scoop one up. Jake and I are planning a trip there this summer and I'll have to do everything I can not to sign on the dotted line.

...back to my morning. This was the way to start my day. Exercise with a friend and then quiet time at home alone. I feel like it prepared me for the day ahead and whatever challenges were thrown my way, including losing a blog post I'd spent 45 minutes writing (which yes, did happen this morning!). The morning left me with almost a post meditation sense of being. I'm going back to meditation this weekend. It's so good for me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Thursday is weigh-in day. I weighed in at 202lbs, but that was after I consumed 32oz of water...granted, post poo.

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