Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Pants! They Don't Cut Off My Circulation!

Because Monday was a holiday and Tuesday was my Monday and I usually weigh myself on Tuesday, Wednesday is my Tuesday today, make sense? It did to me. Immediately after taking my shower, I gingerly stepped on the scale expecting a horror show. Perhaps a bucket of blood dropping on my head or an evil clown jumping from the numbers. But lo and behold, I surprised myself with unicorns and rainbows! My weight is now 186 and if y'all can calculate with me, that is a 3 pound loss for the week and a total of eight pounds since I began this weight loss extravaganza.

What am I doing right? I pack my lunch and eat what I have. I don't go out to lunch. I eat healthier breakfasts. I carry a very heavy 11 month old around. I let myself indulge but I do not go overboard. What else? Oh yeah, no more fistfuls of cookies.

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  1. Great!! just say no to cookies :)