Wednesday, January 6, 2010


While chatting with Josephine, I remarked how I didn't think I was an elitist but I was socially awkward, quirky, and very set in my ways. Josephine is a HUGE elitist, just to let you know. Kidding! She's not. She's quite awesome, in fact. Anyway, I tried to type "cool" but it came out "coo" when we talked about how I couldn't be cool in front of a group of people. So then I decided that I could be coo, one letter short of cool. Are you coo with that?

Besides my random made up terms, I saw the doctor this morning for bad lower back pains. She recommended some exercises, heat, and Advil. Because I am a baby and my back still hurts, I plan on swimming after work tonight as a gentler exercise. Tomorrow a massage is in order. So far I think I am keeping in line with my diet. No cheating, no skipping exercise, and I made myself watch the Biggest Loser last night. I think my body imagine is a bit out of whack because I kept thinking I looked like the women who are in the high 200's. What does that mean? Is it low self-esteem on my part? I suppose it's better that I think I am bigger than thinking I'm thin and I don't need to lose weight. It's all coo.

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