Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shame on Me

Last night I intended to go to the gym and swim but my back hurt soooooo much that I skipped it and laid on my heating pad until the boys came home. I am a little mad at myself but instead of never going to the gym again, I am going tonight to swim after I have a massage. I know this is all so riveting. Veronica did not work out last night! Stop the presses! But man, my back hurt.

Between the massage and going to the gym, I will shop for a baptism/christening outfit for Warren. Sunday he will be baptized at an Episcopal Church and I have no idea what to have him wear. I have an issue with putting him in an all white suit or a christening gown. Both options seem weird to me. The white suit makes me think he's a pimp and the gown seems like something a small baby should wear. Warren will be eleven months and is so much more a little boy than a baby now. Hopefully I will be inspired by something I see and he will look appropriate for his baptism. Otherwise, we might be excommunicated!

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