Monday, January 25, 2010

Jake on Board

I got pretty frustrated at the middle of last week because I hadn't lost any weight and it had been nearly three weeks. I know it's a slow process but I thought I'd be at least two solid pounds down at this point. It's true I haven't made that many changes. I eat well by nature. I like healthy food. The only dietary changes I made were that I stopped putting sugar in my tea, I halved the amount of fruit (sugar) I was eating, and I cut out the single slice of whole wheat flax seed toast I was having with breakfast.

I got Jake on board. He listened to me talk about this stuff for about two hours this weekend. He sat with me as I calculated the Weight Watchers points value for just about everything in the kitchen. Actually, do you know what he was doing while I was toying with the WW points scale? He was reading...yes reading...not merely Wedding magazing my sister got me! He was seriously looking at the dresses and reading the articles. He asked me what size I am at one point and then mentioned that there's a selection of dresses my size at X's line. Ha, it was so amusing.

So anyway, I've asked him to whoop me into action. He's going to get me up at 5am with him every morning. He's not going to let me talk him out of it. So I'll get up and go to the gym. And he's not going to let me ingest a thing (other than herbal tea) after 8pm Sundays through Thursdays. I'm going to write down everything I eat, everything, and go over it with him at the end of each day. He'll do something active with me on the weekends. In May he'll join the gym with me and work me out in the mornings. He's great at pushing himself; if he can figure out how to push me, he'll be a great trainer. Beginning in May he gets to work from home three days a week so we'll be able to coordinate our schedules better then. For now, he commutes five days a week to a town an hour and a half away...hence the waking up at 5am daily. It'll be interesting to meet the firm Jake.
Generally, he's so accommodating and agreeable. But I think this will be good. Fitness is one of his strengths. Shouldn't that rub off on me if I'm living with him? On the one hand I believe that, while I can gain support from othes, I can't depend on anyone else to make this happen. But, if I am going to have someone motivating me, shouldn't that be my life partner?

Last week I started going to the gym; it felt great. I only did three days, and all very light workouts. This week I'm prepared to pick it up a bit. This morning I jog/walked a 5k. (Veronica, I know we both hate running, but maybe we could find a 5k in your neck of the woods to do together this spring before you leave, just as a goal. We could take turns pushing the jog stroller.) Tomorrow I'll do a one hour cycling class. The one time in my life I ever did a cycling class I quit 15 minutes into it, I thought I was going to die. Wednesday mornings I tutor so no gym. Thursday I have boot camp; we'll do bodyweight exercises. Friday I have my fitness test and then I'll do light cardio. It should be interesting to see how I do on the fitness test (a series of tests and measurements) compared to last year's test around this time. Again, I'm not going to get overexcited for my weigh in this week (Thursday) because of the gym/muscle building this week. But by next week I really expect to see some new numbers on the scale.

Ok, two last things:
1. Didn't I mention that I had a free 6 month subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine and 4 month membership to meetings?? Well I can't find anywhere on the form where it mentions a 4 month membership. That's so bizarre because I really don't think that's the sort of thing I would have made up. And if I was going to misread it and make up a membership compenent, you'd think I would say that is 6 months, like the magazine subscription and not 4 months! I can't figure it out.

2. I tried on the wedding three piece outfit again and I thought it looked really nice. Ok ok I was wearing the undergarmet this time, but it totally wasn't uncomfortable and it looked realllly pretty! And I mean seriously, if I can lose 10lbs (just 10lbs!!) by mid October it would look amazing! I still need to get the jacket resized. It fits my back perfectly and my shoulders but it just will not button around my bust.

Have a great Monday!

...if you don't see me here again, you'll know I died fat at spin claas!

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