Monday, January 11, 2010

Frustration Level: Orange

Over the past month, I have been suffering with low back pain and this does not make for ideal exercising conditions. In turn, my mind goes to the: well if I can't exercise, I might as well eat like crap, right? But I am fighting so hard not to go there. In fact I sent Warren's baptismal cake (is that actually something) with Niels to work just to get it out of our house! This morning, I arrived in my office late, as usual, to find the office vultures hovering over two boxes of birthday donuts. Rather than deprive myself and pig out, which I would have, I took a very small pumpkin spice donut and savored each bite. I know there are still some out there SCREAMING my name but I have the willpower to ignore their scrumptious cries. I have to remember my goals, right? Right!

Although my doctor told me to wait six weeks to see how my back healed, I called this morning anyway because Niels is leaving for Asia in less than three weeks and somehow I do not think horrendous lower back pain and caring for a large and in charge eleven month old mix. My hope is a prescription for breastfeeding safe muscle relaxers and a referral to a physical therapist. In the meantime, I will stare at my phone until my doctor calls.

Tomorrow I promise not to sound like an old lady complaining about her poor aching back and talk about Warren's wonderful weekend!

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